Elevator services in your building

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Buildings have numerous types of services that make them as beautiful, comfortable and efficient as possible. Have you ever thought of any service that may benefit your house or building? Well then, one type of service that may increase the value and efficiency of your building is elevator services. Installing an elevator in your building increases its value, as well as the quality of life for the people in it. This is achieved by reducing mobility issues they may experience as they use the stairs on a daily basis. However, there are vital factors that you should consider if you are thinking of installing an elevator in your building. The following factors will help you identify the most important aspects to consider before adding elevator services in your building.

Type of residential elevator

It is necessary that you conduct an inquiry on the various kinds of residential elevators that are available in the market. For example, a traditional hydraulic elevator uses cables and pistons, while a vacuum or pneumatic elevator employs the use of changing air pressure to function. Also, there are simple elevators that employ the use of a motor to lower and raise small elevator cars.  


You should also consider the exact distance the elevator is supposed to travel in the building. For example, hydraulic elevators are installed in skyscrapers and other tall buildings, platform elevators can only travel a distance of eight feet, and a vacuum elevator can cover four stories. It is imperative that you should also consider the maximum weight the elevator can carry so that you can establish the number of people it can carry at a time.

Installation requirements

Since there are numerous types of elevators available in the market, it is possible that they all require a range of installation requirements to function correctly. For example, a hydraulic elevator would require a remodelling and demolition within the building as it requires a pit for the installation of its pistons and other elevator equipment. On the other hand, a vacuum elevator does not require any remodelling and demolition processes during its installation. You should also consider the amount of electrical power required to operate the desired elevator and whether the existing electrical system in the building can support it.


Elevators are not cheap. This means that you should be ready to spend quite a bit of money to purchase an efficient and high-quality elevator. Vacuum elevators are more expensive than hydraulic elevators though they require less maintenance work due to fewer mechanical components, thus reducing your maintenance cost. Always remember to inquire about any additional service plans after purchase.

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