Hiring a Private Investigator: 4 Things You Need to Provide

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If you are planning to hire a private investigator because you want them to trace a person who is missing or if you suspect that your partner is having an affair, it is crucial that you make sure they have everything they need in order to carry out a successful investigation. Below is a guide which will help you to do this.

Provide details of the person's movements

If you want a private investigator to trail your partner so they can monitor if they are having an affair, it is important that you provide them with precise details of their regular movements.  For example, if you partner always goes to the gym or a certain bar on a regular basis, you should give the private investigator precise information about the locations and times. This will help the investigator to establish a pattern from which they can establish their surveillance plan.

If you want to trace a missing person, you should provide a full account of their last known movements and possible locations where they might be hiding out. The private investigator will use this information as a starting point in their search.

Provide photographs of the person

A private investigator will only be effective if they can positively identify the person they are looking for or keeping a watch on. Cases of mistaken identity could cause real problems, so it is best to supply the investigator with several high-quality photographs. If you are searching for a missing person, you should choose photographs which show them with different hairstyles as they may have changed their appearance if they don't want to be found.

Provide links to social media

These days, many people leave footprints on their social media accounts. You should let the investigator have full details the person's social media accounts. The investigator will examine these account for clues which may aid them as they seek out the person or monitor their movements on your behalf.

Provide a full account of the situation

Finally, when briefing your investigator, you should provide them with a full and honest account of the situation. Although an affair or a missing person may involve a certain amount of scandal, you should trust your investigator with this information. If you do not trust them, you should not hire them to work for you. If you would like further information, you should contact a private investigator today.